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Let's Start With Pudding by Yosono Yosomi


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Misaki suffers from extreme deipnophobia, a fear of eating in public situations. It has caused him trouble at work before, and was the main reason he had to leave his last job; so he was determined to keep it hidden at this one. Unfortunately, his co-worker, Aida, catches him skipping a company meal one day and he has to come clean. Unlike the last time that happened, Aida actually agrees to help him work on overcoming his fears and it all starts with his favorite food: pudding.
Fandom: Original Pages: 248 Rating: 18+ Kinks/Warnings: Eating disorders, panic attacks, and anxiety are heavily featured in this work. Adorable pets, wet dreams, copious amounts of food, first boyfriend woes, straight bestfriend, jealousy, weight, road safety and lack there of for multiple species.

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